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Control R/C Cars, UAV Drones, Rovers, Monster Trucks, Buggies, Quadcopters, Planes, Sail Boats, and Tanks with your Smartphone's WiFi


Welcome UAV Drone & Quadcopter Fans,

ArduMotion is an all-in-one UAV Controller PC board (Arduino-Compatible Yellowjacket WiFi Uno Shield) and a great starting point for motor (motion) control of any R/C hobby toy, rover, quadcopter, tank, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), and robots with your smartphone or Facebook using WebSockets and HTML5 augmented reality games. It includes Wi-Fi, GPS connector, ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) Brushless Motor controller, Servo, and a dual 1A DC Motor controller.

ArduMotion All-In-One UAV Rover Controller board includes:

  1. Four (4) 3pin connections for 5VDC ‘hobby’ servos connected to the high resolutions dedicate PWM pins of Atmega328P controller.
  2. One TB6612FNG Dual H-Bridge bi-directional DC motor controller to control two motors.
  3. Push button power on/off switch (Press and hold for 6 seconds).
  4. Terminal block for FTDI USB serial cable programmer.
  5. Onboard electronic and terminal block connector for GP-2106 48 Channel Surf IV tiny GPS module. Easily program your rover with waypoints controlled by the open source ground stations, happykillmore ground station, and mission planners using the MAVLINK protocol.
  6. One (1) 3pin connector for Analog input sensors such as the Toshiba Infrared proximity sensor.
  7. Onboard Microchip MRF24WB0MA WiFi module.
  8. Programmable Power on/off switch
  9. Battery Voltage Sense circuit
  10. Download the easy-to-use (Arduino-Compatible) software libraries and you’re ready to Rock and Rover!

ArduMotion and ezRover are (c) 2011-2012 ezRover Inc., ArduMotion is trademark of ezRover Inc.


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